Clenched Fist – Application Workshop.

What does the clenched fist symbolise to me? Is it possible for me as a visual designer to rework it’s meaning? And the answer to that question is yes, of course! Continue reading Clenched Fist – Application Workshop.


Screen Printing Tutorial

Being an illustrator, I will more than likely incorporate screen printing in to my work at some point. So an induction workshop is an ideal start. Continue reading Screen Printing Tutorial

The Blog Workshop

Creating a blog can prove to sometimes be complicated, but when the set up is broken down into steps it creates an understand in which one can acknowledge. In the afternoon of Monday’s lesson Ricardo introduced us on the making of our WordPress blog that will soon be part of our daily routine with our creative work. Also the importance of why we must blog. Continue reading The Blog Workshop

Zine workshop

A Zine is a short for a magazine or fanzine. They are usually self-published and focused on the creator’s passions and interests. The quality of them can vary from simple photocopied booklets to high-quality, glossy publications. It allows creators to public-ate themselves to an audience that may share he same interests/fans. Continue reading Zine workshop

Personality Challenge.

Not only in visual communication but also in the wider field of arts and design every artist adds a note of his own personality to his work thus it is important to know oneself. I believe that the activities which took place on Monday were meant to help us learn a few things about our own personality. Continue reading Personality Challenge.

Visual Research.

We work in a creative and visual business, where it’s all about what the eye sees, so why not please the eye and make it visual from the beginning? Monday we were introduced to the world of design through a presentation about visual research, the purpose of which was to help us understand more about both our course and the creative work field. And most of all, why visual research is such a key element. Continue reading Visual Research.