The Blog Workshop

Creating a blog can prove to sometimes be complicated, but when the set up is broken down into steps it creates an understand in which one can acknowledge. In the afternoon of Monday’s lesson Ricardo introduced us on the making of our WordPress blog that will soon be part of our daily routine with our creative work. Also the importance of why we must blog.

So why is blogging a vital part of growth in the creative industry? It comes down to exposure, in which nothing ranks higher than the Internet for engaging with people from all parts of the world. Creating a blog is almost like creating ourselves in a digital visualisation for others to interpret and understand. It begins a journey within ourselves sharing our development in discovering the designing field as we filter through in our daily life. This could mark a big step in employees and business opportunities.

In order to begin climbing the ladder, Ricardo created a step by step presentation in which we gained information on by writing down key notes. The lecture structured around 2 hours of information which tested our abilities on concentration. Into which the term ‘zigzag’ sprung into the air from a previous speech from Ricardo. Meaning, not everyone interprets information exactly straight forward. To which then Ricardo asked us to pair up into groups of 7, breaking down our barrier of individual learning and instead working as a team in order to complete the task, of going away from today’s lesson and communicating with our peers to set up our blog. Once we presented our understanding of today’s lectures, we then went on to creating a Facebook chat in order for the group to keep in contact and support each on the process of creating our blog.


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