Zine workshop

A Zine is a short for a magazine or fanzine. They are usually self-published and focused on the creator’s passions and interests. The quality of them can vary from simple photocopied booklets to high-quality, glossy publications. It allows creators to public-ate themselves to an audience that may share he same interests/fans.

I can produce a zine through my independence, selling my own visual aspect. A zine is controlled by myself, only I mandate the structure of it.

When taught on the process of making a zine, the subject outlined again how important it is to connect my ability visually to my audience. My approach needs a well thought about structure as it may well demonstrate to another artist of such interest what I pin point. However my zine is something that anyone can pass on, ending in a hand that has no understanding. So it comes down to how I visually produce my print to appeal to a wide range of audience.


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