Clenched Fist – Application Workshop.

What does the clenched fist symbolise to me? Is it possible for me as a visual designer to rework it’s meaning? And the answer to that question is yes, of course!

My clenched fist poster –

I’m tired, it’s early in the morning and I was pretty hungover. My brain was focused on my mistake of getting up late which resulted in no morning indulging coffee! So I began to flick through some examples of the saluted fist. I came across a lot of fists pumped with energy – ready to fight.

I played around with some ideas, maybe a guy riding a bike.. his fists clenched on the handle bars ect but it didn’t have much of a flow for me to relate to my research of the angry clenched fist.

I am currently in a state of not being ready, however my hands are clenched at the thought of coffee. “I need a coffee! – Wait, my hands are clenched around a cup.. for me to drink” PING! I began to think about the opposite to being ready.. rushing around, in a state of getting ready, trying to get ready. That’s when the idea of including coffee came into play with the clenched fist. To grip the coffee, you hand is clenched. For me to be completely ready, I need a coffee in my hand.

I found in my research of the clenched fist, the people behind the fist was strong willed. Ready for anything! They stood proud. Where as my poster displays the opposite, behind that clenched fist is a human not prepared for the days load without a coffee.

Design requirements: Torn paper and found objects. Colour - coffee, newspaper print.
(Design requirements: Torn paper and found objects. Colour – coffee, newspaper print, coffee stained tissue)

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