Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

“Do you not have anything better to do, than draw?”

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Mixed Media Collage.

Created using: Wood, Magazine pages, Tracing paper, Screw nails, Negative film and pen.

The theme behind this piece is control. I wanted to create a collage that not only displays the control, but has a similar effect to the audience. Being under control can be a head f*ck. This piece can also balance along that line, as you look into the meaning of it’s design.

Can you guess what I do in my spare time?

Draw and drink coffee!

I wasn’t up to the challenge of stirring at others as they indulge in their coffee. So I pinned my focus on the objects that made this cafe.

To push these quick sketches further, I enlarged them using a scanner and played with their scales. Almost life framing. I plan to push my sketches further, playing with mixed media.

Stolenspace Gallery

Ben Eine “Your Not My Type”

I find myself passing by the gallery as I make my way to the train station after uni, almost every day. I can’t help but pop in to see who’s work is on show in the urban city.

My favourite by far has been Ben’s “Your not my type” that was on show this winter Oct 9th till Nov 21st. At first glance, my attention was drawn to the white walls with mounts of squares along the wall. All vary in proportion, the composition mis-match but yet from a far they collaborate and belong together. Continue reading Stolenspace Gallery

Imagine life after humans.

People call these buildings a site for sore eyes… I am yet to find the cause of the sores. When I walk on the sites that lead me to the abandoned building, I can’t help but imagine life without humans. Continue reading Imagine life after humans.

Plasticine models

Please excuse the poor quality of images, these models no longer exist unfortunately. My aim was to create some 2D clothing, however I began to experiment and ended up with 2D and 3D models!

I liked the idea of creating creeping molds, so to push these little guys further I began to experiment with different media such as nails and paper. This broke down the structure of all plasticine and kept it exciting to look at.