Illustrati Presents – Team Badger.

Live Graffiti & Illustration exhibition in Nottingham.

“A creative celebration of all things badger.”

Celebrating Nottingham’s Art, Craft & Design with a Badger theme by British creatives for sale on the night.

Absolutely amazing experience, bewilder atmosphere and all round great environment to be apart of.

The exhibition ran from 6 till 11pm, with plenty of alcohol and ink to canvas. In the time I was there, I was introduced to some of Nottingham’s artists, gained some knowledge on live art events and gain primary research on the artists background. While at this event, I took note of the materials the artists was using for the large scale drawings, my head was lumbered with idea’s for personal projects in the future.

I have been to a number of live art events, and every time I have attended I’ve always ached to be apart of one.. This time, I put my foot in the door and spoke to a few artists where they pointed me in the right direction. That direction was in fact a challenge I had agreed to, to attempt a graffiti piece on a legal spot the next day. (As well as what to look out for, for further events)

One of the artists planning a piece for tomorrows attempt.
Here is my attempt, yet again my character which features in every piece I do.
Challenge accepted and complete.

(This was a legal spot in Nottingham, no illegal action was taken.)

Not only have I had the chance to play with spray paints, testing their and my ability.. I have created my character on a large scale!!! Never have I thought about spray painting to achieve scaled drawings until now… I will certainly carry on experimenting with my new found skill.



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