Stolenspace Gallery

Ben Eine “Your Not My Type”

I find myself passing by the gallery as I make my way to the train station after uni, almost every day. I can’t help but pop in to see who’s work is on show in the urban city.

My favourite by far has been Ben’s “Your not my type” that was on show this winter Oct 9th till Nov 21st. At first glance, my attention was drawn to the white walls with mounts of squares along the wall. All vary in proportion, the composition mis-match but yet from a far they collaborate and belong together.

Since the short introduction to Typology where I; sampled the letter press workshop as well explore into the different types of fonts. I have noticed many use of styles on shop fronts, tags, leaflets, buses ect, to then stumble on the work of Ben Eine. Someone who produces unique styles with a combination of style, size and colour. He shows no fear to pushing the boundaries to create multiple designs, all different from the last makes his work playful and bright to engage with.

His work sparks questions, I can imagine it to outrage other views who don’t share the same view with the collaboration of street art and modern art…

I have now been dragged into the graphic side of Visual art, I can’t help but spot a good font used on a corner shop, or a leaflet where their font jumps out because of the unique style they have chosen to use.


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