Collect, Analyse and Re-assemble.

For this project I am required to create an artist book from my reassembled collection. For me to create and understand a collection, I first must explore the system of them, what organises them into categories? 


I flicked between collecting notes and collecting dreams, collecting notes carried the excitement of piecing together random words assembling them as collection. However dreams had more of a personal connection, which can be manipulated in many ways. (Dream’s slightly difficult to sometimes capture).


Helga Stepphan – Hot House Talk


Helga Steppan lead a hot house talk that inspired me to look deeper into reassembling a collection – being creative. The image above seems normal, nothing that stands out as odd. Helga went on to explain that in fact one of these trees is in fact an aerial (phone line connection).

This pushed me to think about a collection – exploring the depths of what a collection can be? How to manipulate something that acts as something…


Tim Burton – Vincent.Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 05.50.01.png

“Why spend your time making someone else’s dream?”                                                Tim Burton’s playful horror approach influenced me to explore my dreams, as they are just a collection of scenes in the mind that sometimes are vivid to try to understand. What if I changed my note taking into dream collecting – transferring visions into notes – from notes to something visual possibly touchable.

Other artists work that inspired me:

My final outcome was far to explorative in my head, in reality looked more like an explosion of objects that was more a collection of personal objects instead of stories that lead to vivid 2D/3D images. For this project, I wanted to explore a new area of design, playing physical objects instead of drawing/collage. However, my mind swept more to Tracey Emin’s Bed – rather than Tim Burton’s dream style.

As my installation turned out looking more like a clutter of mess rather than an entrance to my mind I decided to create something more down to earth ‘book’ rather than a temporary installation. So I re-designed my sketchbook as my book ‘Collect, Analyse  and Re-assemble’. My sketchbook is a collection of my thoughts and idea’s that can assembled to create a lamp shade that will project my collected dreams and thoughts.


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