A peek into the office of Four Corners Books.

If your anything like me, remembering you’re left and your right is a struggle..so looking for a specific place is a nightmare. So imagine my struggle looking for the building that Four Corners Books is located in. Luckily for me, I followed my peers through Shoreditch, venturing through little passages that were overshadowed by structures before we finally had arrived at this rather discreet building. I started the previous sentence with lucky… because I would never had thought that this was the location of Four Corners books. I say this because the building gives nothing away at all! No sign… no number… no posters or any information that indicates that this is the correct location.

I am quick to learn that they are in a room that is underneath the roof of  a grade A listed building which comes with very restricted rulings. This explains why all the walls are bare and why there is no information sign that hangs on the outer-side. For me as an illustrator, I find hanging my work on pieces of string dotted all over the walls is a great way for me to visually focus on my current/past designs. I am informed that no design actually takes place under the roof of the office and that it’s mostly planning that buries the large table that centres the room. 

Four Corner books are made up of a team of two who work hand in hand in their office perched on the 3rd floor. Although the room is spacious and a focused working environment, it’s redeemed just as important to explore other places in person rather than behind a desk as it drives creativity. This enables the team of two to explore what is already on the market around the UK.


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