Screen printing Workshop –

I didn’t enjoy the screen printing workshop at all for this project, this was due to the idea’s that I lacked. My fonts we’re too fancy for my ‘horror/edgy’ theme, they didn’t look anything like my sample fonts previously practiced and they didn’t sit well on the background images. Never mind the struggle of using newspaper to block the paint.. However, strangely the smudge marks left on the page from the paint caught my appeal and completely changed my concept. There was something more appealing about the messy texture left behind. Maybe instead of creating fonts to print on the image, I could create the image from the mark makings..

(Here are 2x samples of my ‘best’ screen prints.) I will not be pushing these samples any further, instead I plan to move away from screen printing on to Mono printing – A slightly more controlled yet messier technique. Just saying that excites me!

I wasn’t having the best of days in the print room as I moved on to Monoprint. I layered the paint too thick on the surface to print which left me with several pages of black paint with no visible sign of any illustrations.  After many samples, I managed to fade away a lot of paint – time to create!

It was difficult not to lean on the paper with some of my drawings due to the detail that I had put into them. So I moved off illustrating my images and instead focused on scratching away some fonts.


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