Author:Reporter – Inspired Artist

Rero – Urban Landscape

Telling a story with image and text.

WYIWYG – What You see Is What You Get Rero’s slogan/tag. “For this project, Rero uses a minimalist typography with deletion on a simple white background. Context is essential to grasp the essence of the work, as seen on the streets of Berlin, Paris and London” (Rero)

Rero is a French graffiti artist who classes himself as a conceptual artist with a graffiti background. He refers to his work as minimalistic/simple style. Image negation.


(Images from Rero’s blog.)

Because Rero work is so striking, eyes are drawn to his unique style. So striking that companies such as ‘Nike’ approached him to work on their big campaigns. Rero’s response was surprising impressive “People complain about the evolution of graffiti or of street art, about it being taken over by the media or commercialism, but us artists, we are the first one’s who are responsible. You have to know when to say no, how to control your art, the image it conveys, and the money that it can generate at our expense and at the expense of others”


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