Inter-Relationships between text and image.

Inspired by the relationship between text and image I thought it would only be right to create a book where I can illustrate my story that’s inspired from a written narrative.

After exploring vary written narratives provided for this brief, ‘Owen Fatherly – A Guide To the New Ruins of Great Britain Southampton Terminus City’ has to be my favourite and chosen book for this project. His fierce descriptions of Southampton took me by surprise as he speaks of “regeneration” and the effects it has/had on Southampton. I’m drawn to the authors dull venomous wit that is constant throughout the book. Instantly reading the text you get a sense that Southampton has no hope nor a future:

Nobody comes here

“This is not a place. It has no existence in my mind”

“The path is bordered on each side by metal fences topped with barbed wire”

“The literal embodiment of an overwhelming sense of waste”

They are only a few of my favourites! The exaggeration in his description and blunt sentences inspires me to translate exactly as he speaks it.