Rotating Core Workshops

Clenched Fist double page spread workshop.

This was an exciting workshop, after this lesson I found myself noticing how layouts have been played with n articles to draw the viewers attention etc. Coming to grips with the computer software was difficult, however my final spread was pretty impressive and worth the hustle an struggle. Below are some images that display explain day’s my process.

Photographic Typologies workshop.


After Ricardo’s workshop on layout and displaying, I went on to learn some basics with Heather on typology. From this workshop, I created a A4 – 5 page spread of photo’s that was told in a typology story for the Vice magazine.

Carrying on the information that I was taught in the spread workshop, I focused on the presentation that was appealing and catchy.

This was a task which tested my ability to tell a story with a camera instead of a pen, I was able to enjoy the laying out of the spread more as I worked with my hands, crafting my idea’s rather than on the computer.


Typographic Infographics


This workshop gave me an insight into the graphics world, there’s a lot more to each letter/word/sentence that creates the whole message that meets the eye. I spent the  morning researching the meaning of typography and their acts in graphics. In the afternoon, I then went on to create pages of illustrated images that explain each term that would make sense to somebody else learning typography.

By spending the morning looking into the designs of the graphics, how they are used and the use of them made it easier for me to commute my simple understanding through writing about them to then go on to create an explanation through illustrations. I then went on to the father of type – letterpress. A very fun exercise and great sense of environment. I had to put to use my research in the workshop, looking at how to construct a sentance by hand. From the induction I printed some signs that experimented with colour, size, shape.

I was impressed with my samples, I loved how the ink when running out left faint letters, all marked individually due to being man handled.


Mono Printing workshop.


A broad view of the city of London, it’s impossible to see the horizon because of the buildings, but they build their own skyline. For my brief, I had to create 5 images that explore different mark making techniques. I spent a few minutes sketching the skyline, soaking in the blocks out of colour, layout shadows etc… My first attempt at printing I used masking tape and and cardboard cuttings . The sample (above) did not gather as much ink as planned, however had a rather different effect than expected which was an exciting outcome.

I was then reminded of the square trick, which saved a lot of my pieces being thrown away. It was a useful technique to highlight the best area’s to focus and expand from.


Above are different samples that I had created.


A Mask Story.

For this workshop I had to work as part of a team to create 2x 3D masks of choice that will worn by members of the group to create a storyboard out of the freeze frame sketches to build from. The task was challenging as there was a lot of detail to try and inflict into my board. By the end of the workshop, I managed to create a skeleton to build on for design idea’s to create an illustrated story from the masks created.



A mixture of sketches inspired by everyday living

Drawing exercise, focused on the movement of the body. As well as mixtures of drawings from my travel.


Stop Motion Animation


My brief requires me to create a short animation that works as a loop. For me to be able to create my own anima, I need to explore different methods and processes through watching varies of animations. Hilary by Anthony Hodgson was my inspiration for my stop motion. While watching his animation several times, I took notes, focusing on the story being told, as a viewer – looking at what connects my attention to the setting. I began discovering idea’s – I began exploring how the camera fixed on certain characters I am able to see what works, and what doesn’t as well as what matters to the audience.



Here my animation can be viewed via the link.  Animation