Collect, Analyse and Re-assemble.

For this project I am required to create an artist book from my reassembled collection. For me to create and understand a collection, I first must explore the system of them, what organises them into categories?  Continue reading Collect, Analyse and Re-assemble.


100 Things Keeping Me Up All Night


This was an exercise to shake the brain and process idea’s – exploring new quick techniques. A word was said, the first thing that to came to my mind, I crammed within 30 seconds. The 100 drawings was nice to reflect back to as I had no time to go into depths for an idea, drawing random things that had some relation to the word.  Continue reading 100 Things Keeping Me Up All Night

Bruised Ego.

Photographic Typologies

“Typology is the study of types, and a photographic typology is a suite of images or related forms, shot in a consistent, repetitive manner; to be fully understood, the images must be viewed as complete series.”


One thing that I took away from the lecture was “Typology is a series of images, that treat objects like objects” – What a great expression. This stuck in my head continuously through planning. I didn’t want to be repetitive with an object, it’s not edgy enough. I wanted to create something that really pins on the idea of something being displayed as an object. My images display a bruise that starts off small through little movements, gradually expanding and taking over the face. The model acting the object, allowing the glass to portray her image.


Out of all the shots I took while on the journey  of telling a story, the 3 images above collaborate well. The eye being the main feature that grabs the attention of the viewer.

Mixed Media Collage.

Created using: Wood, Magazine pages, Tracing paper, Screw nails, Negative film and pen.

The theme behind this piece is control. I wanted to create a collage that not only displays the control, but has a similar effect to the audience. Being under control can be a head f*ck. This piece can also balance along that line, as you look into the meaning of it’s design.

Can you guess what I do in my spare time?

Draw and drink coffee!

I wasn’t up to the challenge of stirring at others as they indulge in their coffee. So I pinned my focus on the objects that made this cafe.

To push these quick sketches further, I enlarged them using a scanner and played with their scales. Almost life framing. I plan to push my sketches further, playing with mixed media.

Clenched Fist – Application Workshop.

What does the clenched fist symbolise to me? Is it possible for me as a visual designer to rework it’s meaning? And the answer to that question is yes, of course! Continue reading Clenched Fist – Application Workshop.

The Blog Workshop

Creating a blog can prove to sometimes be complicated, but when the set up is broken down into steps it creates an understand in which one can acknowledge. In the afternoon of Monday’s lesson Ricardo introduced us on the making of our WordPress blog that will soon be part of our daily routine with our creative work. Also the importance of why we must blog. Continue reading The Blog Workshop