100 Things Keeping Me Up All Night


This was an exercise to shake the brain and process idea’s – exploring new quick techniques. A word was said, the first thing that to came to my mind, I crammed within 30 seconds. The 100 drawings was nice to reflect back to as I had no time to go into depths for an idea, drawing random things that had some relation to the word.  Continue reading 100 Things Keeping Me Up All Night


The Soundtrack of our lives.

Music is the key to reliving those memories stored away. By sitting back and listening to a track that takes you back – imagining a past experience.. Flashes of the atmosphere as the song plays in the background.


For this project I was asked to produce a series of 3 posters that communicate a feeling/association for three songs.

My theme for my posters is based on the adrenaline and reflection that is produced from the tracks I have chosen.   Influenced by Duggan’s ‘Pterodactyl’ I began listening to K-Koke ‘Cold Roads’ that inspired me to draw the images he was creating from his words. I took objects out of the stories and sketched them to pin his story above his head.This began my idea of playing with reflections.


The images above are the steps through my process, researching designers, experimenting with idea’s and exploring my feelings that related to the tracks.

My final posters relate to events that was seen, felt or heard at the time of the song playing, black and white style to add effects of the strobe lights flashing as it darts different shapes in my posters. I am very pleased with my final posters, when I look at them, I am able to see and feel the moments which I have captured and illustrated which was my aim.

Drawing techniques

Challenging drawing exercises.
Using a range of materials/styles to produce a range of expressive drawing recorded from both an object and outside around me.
This was in fact a challenge for me, as I have become obsessed with detail and neat designs. It was also a great chance for me to let go and explore me techniques that I can interpret into future designs.

DSCF9743 Continue reading Drawing techniques

Can you guess what I do in my spare time?

Draw and drink coffee!

I wasn’t up to the challenge of stirring at others as they indulge in their coffee. So I pinned my focus on the objects that made this cafe.

To push these quick sketches further, I enlarged them using a scanner and played with their scales. Almost life framing. I plan to push my sketches further, playing with mixed media.

Stolenspace Gallery

Ben Eine “Your Not My Type”

I find myself passing by the gallery as I make my way to the train station after uni, almost every day. I can’t help but pop in to see who’s work is on show in the urban city.

My favourite by far has been Ben’s “Your not my type” that was on show this winter Oct 9th till Nov 21st. At first glance, my attention was drawn to the white walls with mounts of squares along the wall. All vary in proportion, the composition mis-match but yet from a far they collaborate and belong together. Continue reading Stolenspace Gallery